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This website gives you information about the informal economy in Cape Town. Each page represents a specific physical area, for example a flea market, where informal traders are generally based, or a type of service where there is no specific physical point for the business. The pages have listings for various informal businesses, giving you information on their:

It is important to register your business as a Google Maps pin, so that people can easily search for your business through a Google search, or find your business on Google Maps. Google Maps will also store details about your business, let you interact with your customers, and let people leave reviews for your service.

Listings will be categorized according to the type of business on the page, then under each category, appear in order of the most recently updated information (although re-registration, with the same information, will not result in your business being promoted to the top). Please use Ctrl + F on your web browser when on an page (or the 🔎 icon on the top-right of this website) to search for a specific product or service that you're looking for.

We can define an informal business as one where the business' income is less than R 95 750 per annum. It is unfortunate that this website uses advanced English (in order to communicate its purpose effectively). If you are a migrant, or a disadvantaged South African with poor English skills, then please ask somebody for assistance with understanding this website.


In 2023, there were 459 views on this website.

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Informal businesses are often small and operated by individuals or families, and they may not have the resources or expertise to effectively market themselves. As a result, their target market may not even be aware that they exist. This can be a major obstacle for these businesses, as customers in a city may end up using more formal businesses that have better advertising and are more visible. To address this problem, this website has been created as an online classifieds platform specifically for informal businesses. This platform aims to help informal businesses in Cape Town advertise their products and services to a wider audience and connect with potential customers. By providing a platform for informal businesses to advertise themselves, this website hopes to level the playing field and give these businesses a better chance to succeed.

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